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Elaine launched Fashion Trucker in April of 2013 as a personal style diary. Her growing interests in fashion and photography gave her the desire to create a platform for a daily dose of outfit and beauty inspiration. Elaine loves to try out new styles and combine them differently. She uses Fashion Trucker as a scrapbook for all her creativity. Elaine is also obsessed with beauty, food recipes and art. In her spare time she loves to do DIY's, write poems or shortstorys and is absolutely crazy about traveling abroad and discover new countries and cultures. She's a real roadtrip enthusiast. Elaine is blogging in english and german as well.

Besides Fashion Trucker Elaine will become a fashion student in September at a fashion school in Stuttgart, Germany. She realized early that fashion and design are one of her biggest passions. She's also really excited to learn more about the fashion industry and the expression of fashion in different cultures. Her biggest wish is to live in New York City or London someday.

Beyond the blog, Fashion Trucker is a style diary that want to inspire readers to discover their own fashion taste and their own look. Fashion Trucker animate everyone to wear clothes that are comforable and fits nicely with your own personality. Because you never follow trends you set trends.

To contact Elaine, please email: fashiontrucker@gmx.de 

How did the name "FASHION TRUCKER" come about?" 

To be a Fashion Trucker is my wish, my inner fantasy - to be a driver of a big truck where I can collect and hoard all my clothes. Where I can always take my thousand favorite fashion pieces with me. All my shoes and all my jewellery. Every bag and every hat. This would be the perfect car for me because I hate to realize that my lovely summer dress fits no longer in my traveling suitcase.

how would you describe your style?
I think it's difficult to describe my style because I like to experiment with fashion and diverse trends. I often mix two different styles like classy and casual. I love dresses and skirts but you never can go wrong with a jeans no matter if they have a boyfriend or a slim cut. I'm also really obsessed with printed and flower pants.

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